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Welcome to MyHome Window Cleaning

Crystal clear windows that stay cleaner for longer

Have you ever noticed how you can clean windows or glass with suds and a cloth, only for streaks and spots to quickly reappear? Or how new dirt and dust seems to stick to your just cleaned glass?

This is because the minerals and impurities in tap water leave unsightly streaks and spots, and detergents and chemicals leave a sticky residue, which quickly attracts new dirt and grime.

But at MyHome, our highly-trained, professional teams use our exclusive UltraPure Window Cleaning system, cleaning your windows and glass with water so pure that it attracts the dirt and grime OFF your windows and leaves you with crystal clear, streak free, beautifully clean windows and glass that stay cleaner for longer.

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A MyHome window cleaning team cleaning external windows of a house with the UltraPure window cleaning system

What is UltraPure Window Cleaning?

Our unique window cleaning system uses a soft-bristled brush to clean the window, while jets of our UltraPure water are fed through the brush handle to rinse the glass, giving you these fantastic benefits…

✔ Spot and streak free glass – even on first cleans
✔ No soapy residue to attract dirt – stays cleaner for longer
✔ No chemical residue on your walls and paths – keeps your home cleaner
✔ No ladders – safer for cleaners, no damage to your paths and gardens
✔ No chemicals – better for our environment

The “Zero” Pure Water Secret

Tap water contains impurities including nitrates, potassium, calcium, phosphates and chloride, which stick to the glass leaving white streaks and spots on your windows.

We feed tap water into our vehicle-mounted water purification system to remove impurities like dissolved minerals, organic matter and bacteria.

The technology used to purify the water in our system is called The Zero, because it produces ultra pure water at zero parts per billion (0ppb) – the equivalent of just one gram of dissolved impurities per million litres.

Once purified, the water is stored in our tanks and ready for heating before use. You wouldn’t wash your dishes in cold water to get the dirt off, so why expect it of your windows?

Because hot water is not as dense as cold water, it easily washes over windows and works powerfully to absorb dirt, remove even the most stubborn stains, and quickly dry to a glimmering finish.

Our system also means our drivers carry their water with them, so there’s no need to connect to your water supply to complete the job.

A MyHome window cleaner cleaning a house's glass balcony with the UltraPure window cleaning system

We can clean so much more than just your windows

Glass is used in all sorts of places around our homes today.

It is often used to create and highlight the best features of your home so it is even more important that your glass is crystal clear and super clean.

After all, nothing spoils the view more than grubby or dirty glass.

Using specialist water-fed poles means that our cleaners are able to clean glass on buildings up to six floors high.

This means we can clean glass that would normally be difficult to reach and expensive to clean.

We do it all…

When it comes to cleaning windows and glass, we do it all – external and internal.

MyHome window cleaning services:

✔ External Window Cleaning
✔ Internal Window Cleaning
✔ Glass Splashbacks
✔ One Off or Regular Cleans

MyHome glass cleaning services:

✔ Glass Pool Fencing
✔ Glass Balconies
✔ Glass Balustrades
✔ Glass Roofs
✔ Glass Doors

We also offer a specialist High Pressure Spray service which blasts dirt, grime and residue from your walls, drive, overhangs, deck and patio.

For a free estimate call today on 13 22 31 or request a quote online now.

Environmentally friendly products

MyHome take their social responsibility seriously and we are always striving to improve our ‘carbon footprint’. As a result we go as far as possible to use products that don’t impact the environment in a negative way.

All of the MyHome products and services are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified, which means they are better for the environment and have reduced impact on human health. You can find out more information about what GECA certification means here:

The GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) logo

What our customers say...

“The team arrived on time worked consistently and pleasantly and did an excellent job. I can’t thank them enough.”
Rosie Bushnell

“Great job, very clean windows & no residual streaks. Back blinds are now permanently open! Thanks.”
Colin Hinrichsen

“It was great to have our windows cleaned last week. Very respectful and polite young man. Done an exceptional job and will happily use this service again in the future.”