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High Pressure Spray

Team up your window clean with a flawless exterior

Close up of a MyHome window cleaning branded vanIf you’ve got your windows and glass sparkling, you don’t want the rest of your exterior spoiling the view do you?

High pressure cleaning is a powerful and eco-friendly way to get rid of years’ worth of dirt build-up, including the most unsightly of stains.

Perfect before painting or to beautify your outside entertainment area.

Your MyHome team will use our top-grade, Australian-made high pressure sprays to blast dirt, grime and residue from your walls, driveways, overhangs and patios, alongside your regular window clean.

Pressure cleaning is ideal for:

✔ Cleaning dirt, grime and residue from the outside of your house
✔ Replenishing driveways, patios and pavements
✔ Preparing walls before painting
✔ Removing graffiti and grease stains
✔ Roof, gutter and brick cleaning
✔ Reviving tired fencing

We can apply a pressure spray to most hard surfaces to rejuvenate and keep the outside of your home looking magnificent.

Four steps to a perfect exterior

Our pressure cleaner technicians are highly trained to deliver the same meticulous MyHome standard of clean every time they visit.

We follow four key steps to ensure your exterior is left looking fab not drab:

1. Protection of exterior fixtures like lights, ornaments and plants
2. Scrubbing of mildew
3. High pressure spray applied from top to toe – including roof overhangs, under-hangs, gutters, walls and driveways
4. Final rinse

The benefits of regular pressure spray cleaning

To prevent the build-up of dirt, stain, bacteria and fungus, regular pressure cleaning is something worth considering.

High pressure cleaning keeps paint looking fresh, tiles gleaming and house values up.

It also prevents you having to replace costly things like concrete, patios and roofs later down the track. 

For a free high pressure spray cleaning estimate call today on 13 22 31 or request a quote online now.

What our customers say...

“The team arrived on time worked consistently and pleasantly and did an excellent job. I can’t thank them enough.”
Rosie Bushnell

“Great job, very clean windows & no residual streaks. Back blinds are now permanently open! Thanks.”
Colin Hinrichsen

“It was great to have our windows cleaned last week. Very respectful and polite young man. Done an exceptional job and will happily use this service again in the future.”